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It is said that if you find a certain stone stairway in Washington Park

at a certain time of night
on a certain phase of the moon,
and inscribe a certain symbol on the ground in blood,
a bridge--a gateway--will open to another world.

... Surprisingly, this is not just an urban legend.

That world is desolate, cold, and very dark, lit only by a tired red sun and scattering of distant stars. But it is not uninhabited. You walk through the gate-- and turn to see nothing but jagged moonscape in all directions. There is no portal on this side.

You reach out and your hand, now spectrally pale, passes straight through the rock. You can't touch anything here.

You can, however, feel the cold.


Note: layout of the materials is still in draft form, check back later for complete awesomeness.

Other note: if you want to play in this game as a character (as opposed to running it as GM), DO NOT LOOK BEYOND PAGE 2. Everything is spoilers.


Made during PIGSquad's Summer Slow Jams 2018
Technical theme: Location-Based
Creative theme: Urban Legends

Writing: NextLevelBanana
Art: Nyssa Oru
Sound: Ruune


Sounds.zip 284 MB
The Shadow Over Bridgetown 43 MB

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