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(If you don't hear audio after the game starts, maybe try a different browser?)

Designed to be played with a Big Series 3-key keyboard. In the unlikely event you don't have one lying around, you can substitute the controls as follows:

ORANGE: left arrow
BLUE: right arrow
YELLOW: down arrow

Made for PIGSquad Summer Slow Jams 2019, Round 2 ("3 button, 3 color + one more time")
Title Screen: ケLV
Music+SFX: Andrew Luke
Everything else: NextLevelBanana

Notes on the downloads:
These are variant versions of the game: the original jam submission, and the full version (which is still technically winnable!, but... it'll take ya awhile.) To play them, you'll need to run a web server (I use http-server, which you can install with npm) and then just load up the index.html file.


Win Stupid Prizes - Long Version 6 MB
Win Stupid Prizes - Jam Version 6 MB


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